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About Schweizer Aircraft

A Subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft

Schweizer Aircraft is a diversified aerospace company, globally recognised for its industry leading aircraft products. Over 6,000 sailplanes, helicopters, agricultural aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft have been designed and manufactured by Schweizer. Today, they are operated in more than 70 countries around the world.

Brief History

The three Schweizer brothers built their first glider in 1930 and incorporated the Company that bears their name in 1939. Prior to becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Sikorsky in September 2004, Scweizer was the oldest remaining privately-owned aircraft company in the United States. Schweizer Aircraft has produced 2160 sailplanes, 2650 agricultural airplanes, more than 60 special purpose fixed-wing aircraft and unmanned vehicles, and more than 1,000 helicopters.

Schweizer 300CBi™ Piston Helicopter

The thrill of flying helicopters economically and to professional standards is what the Schweizer 300CBi™ is all about. Point designed for the training role, the 300CBi has a proven record of success and multi-mission capability. Outstanding flight characteristics set the 300CBi apart.

Features of the 300CBi include:

  • The safest training helicopter in its class
  • Purpose built for the training role and as used by twenty three air forces in the world as their basic trainer
  • Pilot and instructor have their own set of controls, no ‘shared stick’
  • Spacious cabin with the highest loading capability within its class with enough room and power to carry three people in the correct configuration
  • Responsive and forgiving flight handling characteristics
  • Great power and carrying ability, up to 600lbs cabin weight and large power reserves
  • 40 years of airframe development
    • over 60,000 pilots trained, over 4 million training hours logged, over 12 million auto-rotations over 20 million hours flown
  • Fully articulated three bladed rotor system giving greater stability and allowing students to progress faster
  • Modern fuel injected engine based on proven design
  • Start over speed limiter to protect against engine damage
  • Four point harness


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