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Helicopter Flight Training

Helicopter flight training with Iris Aviation is totally focussed on your requirements. We can provide a training schedule that is suited to your timetable on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

With our Helicopter Flight Training Course you can learn to fly from scratch or build on skill you have already acquired. In pursuit of your Private Pilot Helicopter License (PPL(H)). WE can lead you through an intensive course or via segments designed around your specific needs.

Your flight training will be with Lee Burling who is a Helicopter Flight Instructor qualified to train under both UK (JAG) and US (FAA) certification. Lee trains on our Schweizer 300CBi from Southend Airport. Lee will guide you through each lesson and ensure you have a full understanding of what you are about to do, whether it is a flight or a ground exam. As the number of flights increase you will be amazed at how quickly the theory clicks into place.

Helicopter Flight Training with Iris Aviation consists of the following:

In the air

  • A minimum of 45 hours flight time. If you already have a Private Pilots Aeroplane License you may be credited with up to six hours towards your helicopter license depending on how many flying hours you have.
  • Ten solo flight hours within the 45 hours, including 5 hours of cross country flying.
  • One solo flight within the 10 hours must cover more than 100 nautical miles and include landing at 2 aerodromes along the way.

On the ground you will cover the following subjects

  • Aviation Law and Operational Procedures
  • Aircraft General Knowledge and Principles of Flight
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Radiotelephony

During your Helicopter Flight Training you’ll learn these through a combination of lessons and training from your Instructor and self-study at home.

Booking your course

To start your Helicopter flight training all you need to do is call us on +44 (0)1702 456 330 or e mail us at

Course completed!

To maintain your pilot status you will need to complete two hours solo flying each year. Our helicopter is available for exclusive hire so you can keep flying using the same helicopter that you used throughout your helicopter flight training.